4 thoughts on “191. Picture story

  1. Good morning Kevin! Love your garden space! Do you have chairs out there too so you can sit and enjoy the beautiful scene? I used to have a nice garden like that but had to give it up once I moved to an apartment. Enjoy your day!


  2. Hi Steve. Yes, we have some nice seating spaces further back towards the house. Evenings facing the sunset over the fields at the back are one of the great benefits of living here. I’ll post some pics later on this year. Have a great day yourself!


  3. Didn’t know much myself until we moved out here John. I bunged all the kitchen waste into the holes, then covered it up with compost. A couple of months later I planted in my runner bean seeds. It’s a way of using organic waste matter, that the growing bean plants can feed on as it decomposes. As they grow, they climb up the bamboo poles. That part of the garden looked great in spring. It’s a mess now!


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