49. Synchronicity corner

While eating a fiercely spiced chicken curry with Maureen earlier this evening, we noticed that a documentary charting the life and career of Bobby Moore was on BBC2.

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Watching ‘Bo66y’ was like a drive through key parts of my past. Affectionately poised between reverence and realism, the film looked at Moore’s sporting peaks in 1966 and 1970, but was equally insistent on the misfortune that dogged England’s finest defender. And full of the sense of how football – particularly the FA and West Ham United – mistreated one of the sport’s greatest proponents, by neglecting to use him as an ambassador. How his life slowly came financially and emotionally unstitched, before his death by bowel cancer. It was chokingly sad.

3 weeks earlier, I bunged in this dream snippet at the foot of Blog 33: The old England and West Ham skipper Bobby Moore was struggling for survival in a crowd. Unrecognised, in danger of being squeezed into insignificance, maybe even death.

Coincidence? Was I just remembering the past or recalling the future?

How about this? Earlier today, we popped over to Brentwood to see Eric. I asked him about who supplied the jukebox singles he used to bring home (Blog 47). He had no idea, but suddenly asked us to look in the loft to see what was up there, and to bring down any old records still hanging around. We found a pile of old 78s, from the 40s and 50s, just inside the loft hatch.


Unable to play them on his modern equipment, he suggested we take them home and were welcome to sell them. He has no idea of our finances. There are almost 100, and some exploratory checks on e-Bay indicated they might be worth a few quid, which would help with the finance situation discussed in Blog 46.

Can one write out a problem and let the subconscious point to an answer or two?

John Devane visited synchronicity corner a couple of weeks ago with his own story, linked to the death of his brother Michael in the summer. John’s wife Carol had noted that some marigolds that Michael had given to her 3 years ago – and which had never before flowered – came out a few weeks after he died. I love that one.


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