63. No obvious causal relationship corner

I don’t make it up.

Blog 59 was published on Monday 12 November at 10.30 a.m. With these lines: “Father-figure types from my past appeared in last night’s dreams. All ready to impose their agendas. They had to be resisted. “

Out it went – and the universe called me back at 11 a.m. Or rather Jon Marks did. For the first time in over a year, and with a request that I might write something on Mozambique. Jon is a persuasive man, but I said no. Given that the proceeds from any new work are sucked wholly into tax and debt, it has to be a task that interests me immensely, and this didn’t. Or is utterly straightforward, and quickly accomplished. And this wasn’t.

Jon, God bless him, was my biggest mentor after Eric. He saved our lives in 1993 when I was at the end of my tether on the milk round. Taught me to be journalist, and reinserted me into the world. Can never repay him fully, but had to resist this time.


Also……one of the guys in the dream was John Hamilton, who works for JM’s company, Cross-Border Information.

I’ve read a fair bit about synchronicity over the years, mostly to the effect that it tends to happen when one is ‘in the flow’ of things. We’ll see.




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