117. The birthday season

The dark months after Christmas are punctuated by a cluster of birthdays. Lauren’s 31st saw us all gathered around the table Friday evening.



Great fun, many laughs. So cheerful. Maureen made her own version of a fruit cake, pictured below.



Chris, Lauren’s husband, was 28 the same day. Absent through a dose of the downs, he was sadly missed.

Yesterday, it was the turn of my mum, Phyllis. I never mourned her enough. For the first time, I placed an offering by her photo. Remembering her with coffee, cigarettes and a chocolate éclair.


Next up is Eric, my dad. On 22 January. He insists on minimal fuss.

Five days later, Maureen will be 60. We are planning to stay on the Suffolk coast at Dunwich, before birthday drinks back in Chelmsford.

Then Rory’s 20th on 1 February, followed by Josie on February 26. Then this old git on March 11, by which time spring will be poking through.



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