224. Great Waltham in autumn

It’s sometimes too easy to forget the natural beauty of our residence in mid-Essex. I took these shots today. The mutually-adoring cows is my favourite.



















9 thoughts on “224. Great Waltham in autumn

  1. Never seen such a relaxed herd. They are left out to pasture all spring/summer/autumn, on luscious grass, and are not milked. I managed to stroke one of the bulls over the fence last week….Also find that standing and chatting with the cows and their calves is a massive stress reliever.


  2. Great pics Kevin! I think my favorites would be the first two. Talking to animals is a great stress reliever, I’m always talking to my wild friends. Although now it’s getting a bit cold to sit around outside for very long. Have a great day!😃😺🌞🐿


      1. I don’t know where exactly mate, it was a large house, down a long drive. We got there by taxi and I merely enjoyed the drive. I seem to remember there was a large Sainsbury’s nearby if that makes any difference?


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