229. Southchurch Park




Last week Maureen and I drove down to Southend, to pay a visit to Southchurch Park. I wanted to see if anything had changed, or there were details I had overlooked when writing ‘Out of Essex’.

The overriding impression was of a quiet space where people walk their dogs and gulls flock. Low-key, open vistas, trees and grass and water. And good, cheap tea in the café. 80 pence for a decent-sized mug. And cake. Of course. Would have been rude not to. So British.

I loved it that not a soul in the place had any idea that they were promenading in a location that sits at the centre of a book about weaning our world away from the virus that is money. Maybe, one day, they will watch Southchurch Park on a cinema screen. It’s a possibility that I keep close to my heart.

These pics give a flavour of the place.



















The one below shows the sea wall at the end.


7 thoughts on “229. Southchurch Park

  1. Looks like a place to sit and chill away from the hustle and bustle. Keeping fingers crossed for you kev on a film 👍
    This probably sounds weird but I honestly believe that things eventually happen for everyone at the right time in their life. I truly believe it will happen for you at a time it’s supposed to.


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