234. Multi-tasking


Watching television, for me, is all about tunnel vision. Laser focus, completely drawn in. Paying undivided attention. Trying to ignore my phone for an hour or two.

Maureen has the gift of being able to simultaneously work with her hands and follow the narratives. In such mode, she has created these items over the past week or two.








I am beguiled by the craft and artistry, in what has been labelled as slow stitch meditation. The contrasts in colour and texture, the imagination to dream so precisely in such a small space. She also manages to look at her phone, illustrating her multi-pronged mastery.


4 thoughts on “234. Multi-tasking

  1. What can I say? We were the gatherers whilst looking out for danger and the children, men were hunters: focus on one thing. That’s why women can multi task and find things in the fridge! Her handicraft is lovely. ❤️


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