270. Losing my cherry



I read some more of Jono’s words this morning. The bugger encouraged me by text to start creating podcasts. To use in parallel with the website.

And it’s just one of those days where you think: ‘Why Not?’ The country is locked down in near martial law while the sun beams down its benevolence. After my first bike ride of the spring, the feeling of relaxation before the COVID-19 storm whips up further was massive. It’s like being on holiday. Will I be here in a few months? I reckon so, but who knows.

So I took Jono’s advice. For the hell of it. Got a nice recording on my phone, reading Chapter 17 of Out of Essex.

I was really pleased with it, until my PC kept telling me it couldn’t convert an M4A file into an MP3. I later found a way. Then I wasn’t sure if I could embed a voice recording in my website. You get the picture – I’m no techie.

In the end, Rory persuaded me to make a YouTube video. My first. It’s at https://youtu.be/5kJKIuwvgvw

Ignore the pictures of the old git and listen to his words. It’s a magical story.

Might revert to sound-only if the urge to experiment continues, in these unprecedented times.

12 thoughts on “270. Losing my cherry

    1. Cheers John. It was a little test really. On reflection, the sound is the important part, so I don’t think YouTube is the best medium for this. Will be learning how to get podcasts up and running, which might take my shrinking grey matter some time to absorb. Another cherry to lose! 🙂


  1. Yeah, I reckon so. I’ve got a feeling that we all speed-read, but probably pay more attention when we can’t see the words. I like the idea of a tech challenge, small though it probably is. Time for something new.


  2. That was fun! And I remember that chapter very clearly.
    Fun and weird to see Kev in person, reading away, ha ha.

    Props to you, keeping that gray matter alive and firing. I, on the other hand, when faced with pretty much any tech challenge of any kind, feel my eyes immediately glazing over, my brain growing fuzzy. You can practically hear all of my synapses petrifying into inactive stalagmites, lol. Or perhaps sol (sob out loud)

    Hey, good luck with this new thing!
    Seems like a potential doorway into many different possibilities……………..!

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  3. Yeah, me too, but you pushed past it. I guess I *could* push past my tech qualms too if the passion burned bright enough. And who WOULDN’T want to hear you saying “the fuck of the century”?! Only liars would deny it–LOL

    Okay, let me count your smileys….okay, six from you means….
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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