272. Jane’s tuition




One of my changes during the lockdown period has been an intensification of time spent meditating. For me, it feels pre-destined, meant to be, as time slows down for most of us.

I try and maintain the usual twice-a-day transcendental meditation practice, plus the 10-20 minutes engaged in the Lotus Sutra meditation, mentioned in Blog 267 (https://wordpress.com/post/thebiscuitfactoryonline.com/3012),

And now I’ve added a 20-minute slot at 11 each morning, beamed live on Facebook from the Brentwood Buddhist Centre.

It seems that Jane, who leads the centre, is mixing up a range of teaching, mantras and movement, but keeping it simple enough for anyone to understand and follow. I would recommend these to anyone who wants an all-over psychological boost. The Hanmi Buddhist practices that she is illustrating (for free) were detailed with shedloads of enthusiasm in Blog 126, at https://wordpress.com/post/thebiscuitfactoryonline.com/1151

This morning’s session – the third so far – can be seen at:


What struck me yesterday and today, above and beyond the enjoyment of resuscitating former practices that felt like old friends, was Jane herself. I first met her 8 years ago, when she had just opened the centre. She was much rawer around the edges.

The easiest description of current Jane might be that she is often ‘in the zone’, as is said of anyone performing something difficult with effortless ease. Whatever she has plugged into, through years of devotion and practice, is lighting her up with an unimaginable power. To these eyes, every cell in her body was cohering and sparking with purpose, determination and faith.

It was inspiring to see. A Lionel Messi of Buddhism, with an Essex accent.









9 thoughts on “272. Jane’s tuition

  1. He’s very cute, on top of it all, hee hee. He could be a god, at the very least!

    As for Jane, your descriptions do remind me of those I hear often about “enlightened” people, or folks who have attained something which is often hard to put into words–an understanding, a light bulb going off over their head that never goes out again, a slightly different take on reality that shifts their whole perception of existence.

    I’m going to dive into those links soon, too. Thanks for sharing, Kevin.

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  2. So the same thing happens to me sometimes, and it makes absolutely no sense, right? Two of those links, the ones for blog 267 and 126, just went to an empty page on my OWN WordPress blog–Laughter over Tears! I don’t get it either! I’ve been on a page in my blog where a particular piece is, copied the link above, and one would think, tally ho! Done and done. But then people come back and go, “Can’t get through, Stace. Takes me somewhere else.” I found 267 by hand but couldn’t get to 126. It was too deep down, lol !

    But I did get into the video of Jane, and that was nice and soothing. I’ve never seen that movement before. I like her whole vibe and presentation.

    One weird note: on the FB page where the video is, a bunch of people liked the video or put hearts but two people put laughing emojis. I thought that was really weird. But maybe they’re laughing with joy….?

    Well, I’m off to sit right now, continuing the Lotus Sutra.
    Thanks for sharing, Kev.

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    1. I’m so glad you’re continuing with it Stacey. May that chant bring you good things. As for the laughing emojis, who knows? Trolls?
      The word press links and associated problems can be odd in all sorts of ways. There are a few sites where my likes don’t register, nor my comments. So be it!
      Finally getting to the book again. The next chapter finishes on April 8, 2014, which is timely 🙂

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