276. Cherry Tree Gardens

For around seven days each April, our road in Great Waltham is transformed. Maybe 20 or so cherry trees come into blossom, transforming into still fountains of the purest colour. It is eye-catchingly beautiful, surreal, comforting, and animistic in ways that I think Vincent Van Gogh would have understood.

Perhaps I’m getting carried away. Here’s how some of it looks. Starting a few days ago, finishing in the now.





























15 thoughts on “276. Cherry Tree Gardens

  1. That’s hard to imagine. They looked pretty damned peaked to me in the pics. Well, enjoy them!
    I was out today to get supplies, and it was beautiful outside and almost felt like all was right with the world.

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    1. I named it after reading a novel from Sebastian Faulkes – ‘Where my Heart Used to Beat’.
      In it there was a psychiatric hospital where several patients were allowed into a part of the building where they could be themselves, with all of their whims, idiosyncracies and mental illnesses accepted by the doctors.
      The doctors named this section The Biscuit Factory, which I liked. And so that’s the idea behind my blog: I talk about everything running around my head, albeit written in a way that is clear and attractive.
      Hope you keep reading it!!

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      1. That’s interesting. I should read the book. And I somehow reminded of One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest.
        I really like your posts, they hit hard and your presentation and discussion is just praiseworthy.

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    1. Yeah lovely, but a shame it only reaches a peak for about 10 days each year. I think they were planted when the houses were built, about 75 years ago, and then the road named appropriately. It’s a guess though John!


      1. Ahh ok. It’s really pretty mate. We have a long long Avenue about a couple of miles from where we live lined with oak trees either side. It’s very dramatic but it kind of stays with you after you’ve walked it’s length. Love the photographs Kev 👍👍

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