279. My dad’s voice

This is a test to see if my podcasting skills are up to six-year old level. And to capture my dad’s voice for posterity. He’s increasingly struggling with Alzheimers. Not sure how much longer he can live on his own.Β  He talks of joining the navy, under-age, in 1944, and then his driving test in East London.



The sound is scratchy for the first 10 seconds.

Here’s a pic of my old man.



10 thoughts on “279. My dad’s voice

  1. This is fantastic Kevin! It’s a great thing to do. I always wish I had recorded the many stories my dad had from being in the air force in WWII. And he had so many other great stories too, but I never did, such a shame. You should try to do more if you can Kevin! Have a great day!

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  2. Brilliant mate. Such a great idea. In years to come you’ll be able to listen to your dad’s voice and play it for the grandchildren. Obviously in many many more years. Really enjoyed hearing what your dad had to say mate. I bet he has some fascinating stories locked away.

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