293. Summer highlight

Can’t seem to keep pubs out of my blogs. This pic was taken outside the Leather Bottle in the village of Pleshey, in mid-summer, after a great walk through the countryside with Maureen and the kids. Left to right: Josie, Rory and Lauren. Happy times. Josie’s tattoos look brilliant.

16 thoughts on “293. Summer highlight

  1. Really nice photo, the sun so bright, everyone with smiles and chatting away. Ahh……
    It is SO sad what’s happened to those businesses, along with all the others that have been disappearing.
    It’s beyond tragic and strains the boundaries of credulity.
    And now what’s this new thing, Kevin–the “newly extra-contagious mutation” that’s going around your country??!!
    I’m sorry. No no no no. I didn’t mean to go there, actually. I meant to stay on the beautiful photo. You and your wife ARE clever, lol !! Kudos ! And it is possible that somehow, one day, things will approach a kind of normalcy again….

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    1. Hope you’re right Stacey. My optimism is an at all-time low today.
      The new “mutant” form of Sars-Cov2 may spread 70% faster but….how that will impact anyone, given that we’re already locked down? It isn’t more deadly, yet governments are closing borders, blah, blah blah. I wish I didn’t feel so polarised. It’s not good for the soul.

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