296. Moondogs

The full moon has long fascinated me. Ever since my twenties and thirties, I have experienced deep and often very negative mood swings in the days leading up to the monthly event. Sometimes it has been frightening to realise just how out of control my emotions have felt.

I know I am not alone. And that there is no precise explanation for why this happens. We all know that the moon is responsible for the earth’s tides; and exerts its most ferocious pull when at its brightest. Given that our bodies are at least 50% water, why would a full moon not have some type of effect upon us?

On Thursday, 28 January, Maureen told me that the full moon that evening – the first in the calendar year – was known as the Wolf Moon. She said she had read of a (human) group that would be out howling at the orb.

“I’d like to do that,” I said. “Fancy it?”

I reckon most wives, certainly those of our age, would say (or think) “grow up”. But Maureen isn’t that partner. She agreed that it might be fun.

We togged up for the cold night and went into the dark back garden. The moon was shrouded by cloud, but no matter. The allotted time was 8.16p.m so I gave a few warm-up howls in the preceding minutes. Letting the lungs, diaphragm and throat work a little more each time.

Then came the moment and we let rip. It felt joyous, expressive, purging and at times hilarious. Not unlike sex. None of the neighbours came out and joined in.  

Wolves apparently howl for numerous reasons. To define territory, locate pack members, reinforce social bonds, and coordinate hunting.

We howled for sheer pleasure.

This little clip that might give a flavour of how enjoyable it was.

28 thoughts on “296. Moondogs

      1. That’s true, you are lucky you have a partner who can be daft with you like this and defiintely you should do it once a month how fun hehe. M would not do this with me sadly, he behaves loopy, funny and weird with me behind closed doors but acts like Mr Serious once we are outside or in public haha.

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      2. I am so so happy you like these recommendations for music Kev I will keep them coming then. The whole of that Cold Tear Records label has great music all of it on YouTube they were really nice to interview. https://youtube.com/user/coldtearrecords

        No the Polish Bear didn’t recommend Liuos, I found it but he does like it too. He listens to a lot of Polish hip-hop, some metal, ambient psychedelic ambient music. He likes Carbon Based Lifeforms I think you might like them, good for concentration too 🙂 take care mate https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=KQE29az48gM

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      3. Oh brilliant I am so happy you enjoyed it, all their albums are great. I hope to interview them on my blog but they are pretty famous so maybe they won’t be interested in my little old blog, will have to see

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      4. I love this imagery…it fits perfectly with their music. One of their songs is my favorite Photosynthesis with its unforgettable line “What about the forests….nope”

        It haunts me because I’m about to start a website all about endangered species of the forest it will be an online community for artists, writers and musicians to collaborate and share their art to support endangered species of the forest!

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      1. You know what mate. I think I’ve been depressed lately. Absolutely sick of it all. I’m normally upbeat but it’s got to me. I haven’t watched much football simply because it’s not the same for me without the crowds cheering. I should go out on walks but my energy is way down. Don’t know about you Kev but I’m avoiding all news channels. It’s all bad news and I don’t really trust what mainstream report anyway. On the plus side, I believe the Irons are doing well.

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      2. Always happy to listen John. I don’t watch news either…not quite true, sometimes it comes on and then I make my wife listen to me calling everyone a liar or stupid. It’s not clever behaviour but I can’t help it. My lad Rory is very down not seeing his mates, and just going to and from work and playting his online games. Maureen has lost her ooomph. I could go on. West Ham is a definite bright spot, but we are all just going through the motions. You can only howl at the moon so often.


      3. Haven’t started it yet Kev. Every manager from every department in the council have been pulled off their normal duties to help with a big push to employ 360 to work in the vaccine centres in and around Derbyshire. So I’m on hold until the interviews are done. I’m just waiting for the contract to come so I can start. I’m extremely frustrated.


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