305. Now the drugs don’t work, (they just make things worse).

There’s only one blog rule – write truthfully each time. Let any readers make of it what they will.

After two years plus of Covid-19 shenanigans, some people still believe Planet Earth has waded through an existential crisis almost equivalent to WW2.

The journalist in me begs to differ, and here’s why. The evidence.

Anyone wanting to logically figure out what really happened can dip into a wealth of official data, expert statements and research. It’s all out there. In so doing, much of the available evidence about the Covid shitshow sharply contradicts the deceptions and disinformation pumped out nonstop during the past 24 months. It forever shames the pumpers – the government ministers, medical professionals, bureaucrats, entertainers and mass media around the world.

At worst, the reality was something no more deadly than past pandemic flus. Just look below at the UK’s all-causes mortality rate for 2020, which was only the 19th highest since 1990, on an age-adjusted basis. In plain English, there was no exceptional spike in deaths, despite the ceaseless narrative of a ‘deadly pandemic’.

The sad truth is that we were bombarded by some of the biggest falsehoods in recorded history. From early 2020, much rational thought was choked off by a ‘propagandemic’ that was inseparable from the ‘pandemic’.

One horrific example: people were somehow persuaded that it was right to ‘follow the science’ and so keep away while their elderly relatives died alone, on ventilators and in care homes. Even now, does that not make your jaw drop and your eyes water?

People were cajoled that wearing a mask in a restaurant was essential for health when standing, but not when sitting.

Over 2 million UK university students had their education severed as they stayed indoors to avoid ‘killing granny’.

Around the world, mental health was ground down remorselessly. A whole generation of children had their cognitive development reined back by interrupted schooling and being deprived of human contact/uncovered human faces.

Among other befuddlements, untold numbers of otherwise healthy youngsters now genuinely think that a runny nose requires a ‘test’, not a handkerchief. And that they might die of a head cold. Another legacy is that many people still wear an item that restricts their breathing as a part and parcel of their everyday ‘safety’.

And fist-bumping. I mean FFS. If you think I might be carrying a dangerous illness, stay well clear of me. No problem. I readily respect any choice you make about your health. But if you do want to come within range of my breath and touch me, then show some frigging enthusiasm. Shake my hand. Hug me. Kiss me. I do French if required. My immune system is promiscuous, craving one filthy bacterial challenge after another.

The collective psychosis, the mass abandonment of reason, the loss of touch with reality, was hardly surprising. Because gargantuan nonsenses were repeated over and again, via an industrial-scale barrage of fear porn by health authorities and politicians that was amplified by mainstream media.

Almost an entire society fell under magic spells predicated on fear, transmitted through TV, radio, memes, adverts, motorway signs, slogans, trigger words, and, most lethally, through social media.

And boy did it work. In Blog 297, for example, I told how a terrified woman out in the fresh air bent over a wall to avoid my breath (https://wordpress.com/post/thebiscuitfactoryonline.com/3542). Blog 291 (https://wordpress.com/post/thebiscuitfactoryonline.com/3358) depicted how a poor bartender almost collapsed with anxiety after I inadvertently leaned my bare elbows on his counter.

Even if you trembled behind the sofa, wearing four face masks and an adult nappy listening to the 6 o’ clock news – I empathise. The truth is that we were trained into compliance like Pavlov’s dogs. Salivating at fuzzy pictures from Wuhan, gaslit by pictures of trucks lining a dark Turin street and bamboozled by newsreels of static ambulances outside UK hospitals. Paralysed by newsreaders reading big numbers, fearing personal obliteration at the hands of an insidiously invisible plague.

Remember how 500,000 Covid-19 deaths were predicted in the UK by Imperial College, to scare the living daylights out of every Brit?

The British government has acknowledged that it enlisted the covert tactics of the army’s 77th Brigade to back media efforts to stop people thinking for themselves. It worked. The military-grade drumbeat of fear, so forceful and constant, reduced many adults to frightened children, doing as they were told by officials and men in white coats.

The fallback, the great thing – in our age of ready information – is that you don’t have to be a virologist, doctor or scientist to begin to work through the disinformation and absurdities for yourself. Scanned by common sense and a diligent mind, data rarely lies. I would estimate that an independent-minded 12-year-old child could easily work out the 10 bullet points below, given an internet connection and a day to study and reflect.

*In March 2020, just before the first lockdowns, Covid-19 was removed by the UK government from its High Consequence Infectious Disease list. Removed, not added. No longer on the list. Then we locked down.

*The official number of fatalities in England and Wales caused solely by Covid-19 over the whole of 2020 and 2021 was a mere 6,183, according to Freedom of Information request number 2021/3368 submitted to the UK government. Just 6,183. Terribly sad for relatives and loved ones, but hardly something that warranted bringing the country to a halt. No mass graves in public parks.You can find the information at: https://www.ons.gov.uk/aboutus/transparencyandgovernance/freedomofinformationfoi/covid19deathsandautopsiesfeb2020todec2021

*Only three English and Welsh children (aged 1-19) became Covid-only fatalities during the 23-month review period. Yet there are still maniacs who advocate Covid vaccinations for children.

*In Italy, the number of deaths caused solely by Covid was eventually subject to a 98% retrospective reduction from the initial headline figures.

*Western countries spent two years suppressing effective early treatments for the small percentage of the population that contracted serious cases of Covid-19.

*Covid-19 has something like a 99.8% recovery rate without treatment.

*Masks did not reduce transmission. The US Centre for Disease Control (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO) quietly admitted in spring 2021 that masks are useless against Covid-19 aerosol spread. All major governments have probably known the truth about masks for at least a year.

* Despite the huge PR campaign to the contrary, natural immunity exists, and works. I continue to trust in mine. Pfizer trial data revealed natural immunity was as effective as the jab. Even Holy Father Bill Gates acknowledged that the fast spread of the Omicron ‘variant’ conferred a scale of immunity that vaccines could not. Even Archbishop Anthony Fauci has openly admitted the vaccines will not deliver herd immunity.

*500 million global Covid ‘cases’ were built around PCR and rapid antigen tests that are imprecise and inaccurate. We had essentially meaningless ‘case’ numbers endlessly shoved down our throats after the swabs went up our noses. Western Australia, for example, has hosted around 300,000 positive tests, but just 148 Covid-linked deaths across two years. Yet people still take the ‘tests’.

*Global lockdowns ‘coincided’ with the greatest centralisation of wealth in money’s 5,000-year history. The incarcerations further increased global poverty, as tens of thousands of small businesses folded under lockdown, while an estimated $3-4 trillion was transferred to the planet’s 2,750 or so billionaires. To the 0.000035% that run the shitshow. And, somehow, the UK government ‘wasted’ a cool £37 billion on its failed Track and Trace system.

Those bullet points tell truths skipped by most mainstream narratives: the limited scope  of the ‘pandemic’, the futility and fraudulence of the lockdowns and the clear identity of the beneficiaries.

I would never deny that Covid-19 is a nasty illness. Or that hospitals came under severe pressure, as they do every winter season. Neither was I complacent about the risks, as my then-92-year-old father was clearly vulnerable. But once a pattern emerged about the fatalities, it became clear that no mass plague was afoot, whatever shite you might hear from Piers Morgan or James O’Brien. Dad was kept safe by common sense, not by arbitrary guidelines ignored by the ministers and ‘scientists’ that concocted them.

Several acquaintances suffered badly, with one needing brief medical intervention. But nobody in my friendship, professional and neighbourhood circles died of SARS-COV-2, as would have happened with a pandemic worthy of the name.

In those circles, anecdotally, a friend of my son said his 89-year-old neighbour was sadly a fatality. Another friend had a mate who fell from a ladder and died from his injuries. He was designated as dying ‘with Covid’, which he supposedly contracted in hospital. My cousin’s father-in-law died of a long-time heart condition. Again, he was listed as a ‘with Covid’ death. His son, a GP, was furious at the categorisation.

The last two examples are pure fraudulence, aligning snugly with the farcical headline death counts for Covid that were designed to scare people shitless.

As a part of building that fear narrative, medical professionals in multiple countries were encouraged to list Covid-19 as cause of death for fatalities with inconclusive causes. In the US that approach was amplified with a monetary encouragement, paying hospitals much more for their ‘with Covid’ patients and especially for ‘with Covid’ deaths. 

If we look at the unfortunate 149,000 or so English and Welsh fatalities listed as dying ‘with Covid’, during 2020-21, they carried an average level of three existing morbidities. Most were old (average 82) and terribly vulnerable to added respiratory ailments. Regrettably, a huge risk factor for dying ‘with Covid’ turned out to be that you were already chronically ill.

Another huge risk factor occurred in Britain if you were one of the unfortunates shunted out of a hospital into nursing and care homes in spring 2020, to free up NHS bed capacity. Many, the numbers still unquantified, were left lonely, starved and dehydrated. Some were murdered by withdrawal of medications, and end of life care pathways incorporating nil by mouth, DNR and morphine/Midazolam cocktails, even for those nowhere near death. Some observers called this euthanasia, or just plain genocide by the British government.

To prevent stamping everything with a Covid sticker, to make real sense from the headline figures vomited out by media, required autopsies. Among the first 4 million fatal ‘with Covid’ cases worldwide, just several hundred autopsy findings were reported in international medical journals.

Answers to critical questions were lost forever. Was Covid a contributory cause of death? A co-morbidity to other primary causes? Was SARS-COV-2 falsely detected? How many ‘positives’ were fully symptomatic? Until the medical notes for each and every patient are subject to a rigorous clinical audit, we will never know whether even a single death labelled as ‘with-Covid’ was correctly ascribed.

More positively, hundreds of millions of people now have personal experience of surviving SARS-2 infection, which at least makes propaganda about the threats posed by the virus a far harder sell in future.

NHS deceit

One of the most unforgiveable pieces of fraudulence during 2020/21 – topping a towering edifice of deceit – was the unceasing exhortation to follow health guidance, so that we could help to ‘Protect our NHS’.

The overwhelming reason for UK lockdowns, we were told, was to ‘protect’ the National Health Service from a surge of incoming Covid-19 patients. Drummed again and again into our heads, to weigh on our consciences as good citizens. ‘Don’t spread the virus or our hospitals will go under.’

Britain’s NHS is free of charge at the point of service for all users. It is a gem. Admittedly in need of management streamlining, and tens of thousands of new beds, but in my humble opinion worth huge efforts to maintain and protect. In spring 2020, the government urged people out onto the street on Thursday evenings to applaud the frontline work in NHS buildings.

I’m so sorry folks, but it turns out that the fucksters running the UK have already decided to fully privatise it. And, breaking the decades-old prohibition, to begin charging users for services. Your cash (and your data) please.

You can look up the plans for yourself at https://www.longtermplan.nhs.uk/

The money shot is on page 101 of the downloadable PDF. “Reforms to the payment system will ….ensure a majority of funding is population-based.” I have visions in which US hedge fund managers downloaded the document. And the subsequent semen stains holding the pages together.

It appears that one of the greatest political achievements in British history will be subject to even deeper staffing cuts, with much of the existing human contact switched to a digital interface. Electronic health surveillance will be paramount. The planned new name for the delivery team, NHSX, is a play on words, a piss-take.

Hopefully you just asked yourself why this bombshell news item is not in or on the ‘news’, given the sickening hypocrisy at work in the government’s sloganeering? I’ll leave that one with you.

Vax riddles

Maybe the most worrying part of the sorry Covid tale concerns the new medical technology now embedded in the blood vessels and lymph glands of a purported 65% of the world population. The vaccines.

*24/7 waves of media and government persuasion and propaganda paved the way for the jabs, obscuring and smothering the fact that recipients were effectively volunteering for a global human drug trial that will not officially finish until 2023/24.

*Yet it transpired that these ‘miraculous’ injections do not prevent infection, transmission, hospitalisation or death. Remember all the claptrap that the new state-of-the-art mRNA vaccines would be a ‘game changer’. The promises from Gates, Trump, Fauci, Obama, Blair, Hancock, Trudeau, Johnson, Biden, Macron and other liars?

Remember the nonstop PR about 95% vaccine efficacy? Then 90%, 85%, 80% and ever downwards. Then the revelation that only ‘booster’ doses would fully protect you. Now the jab just ‘makes your symptoms less mild’.

UK government figures reveal that three quarters of the UK Covid deaths registered in March within 60 days of a positive test involved triple-vaxxed people, who now constitute about half of the UK population. As things stand, the majority of current Covid-linked hospital admissions are triple-jabbed. Many of the ‘boosted’ cannot clear Covid easily and are regularly reinfected. In Canada, government data shows that the triple and double vaccinated accounted for 4 of every 5 Covid-19 deaths in March 2022. Australia and New Zealand health data tells a similar story.

The only rational conclusion is that the new vaccines do not work as touted. Why is that not screamed out as headline news?

*To make matters worse, many of the jabbed were coerced into accepting what remains an experimental medical treatment, still under emergency licence. Sleeves were rolled up under threats of job loss, or exclusion from social settings.

Civilised societies do not enforce experimental vaccines on people who do not want them. That’s a clear breach of the Nuremberg Code stance on bodily integrity. Remember the Nuremberg Code? People seem to have forgotten. It followed Nazi atrocities in WW2 – specifically the often-fatal experimentation on human subjects without consent.

Meanwhile, despite the glaringly bloody obvious fact that the vaccines did not stop transmission, ‘vaccine passports’ were created in France, Ireland, Israel, China, the US and elsewhere. Futility was fucked by tyranny, spawning medical apartheid. In many so-called liberal democracies, untold millions of people who simply made independent choices about their own healthcare acquired the status of pharmaceutically segregated, second-class citizens. And the vaccinated went along with it.

*Even if you prefer brushing human rights issues under the carpet, there is no escaping the reality that these are the deadliest medications ever released in human history – even on just the official numbers. Sorry.

Once upon a time, pharmaceutical companies had an obligation to prove the safety of a product over 10 years, and to immediately withdraw it from market if 25-50 deaths occurred. When media discovered in 2009 that the swine flu vaccine had topped the 25-death mark, eventually reaching 53, reporters and editors did their job. The vaccine was pulled. Correctly so.

With Covid-19 vaccines, we were assured, ad nauseum, beyond any lingering doubt, of the ‘scientific consensus’ on their safety, despite rushed trials that skipped animal trials, safety data for pregnancy, and toxicology tests.

Within 3 weeks of the first jabs in December 2020, the 50-death mark was passed. Was the vax pulled? Where was the amber alert?

By early February 2022, an aggregate 64, 684 vaccine-related deaths had been officially recorded across Europe, the UK and US, with nary a peep from mainstream media or any regulatory agency. 64, 684 dead people. If that isn’t a red alert, what is? The number will be larger now. How large must it grow before the jabs cease?

With a functioning media, the vaccine rollout would have been stopped in its tracks as a killer and a major human rights violation. Pfizer would not have earned $37 billion in 2021 vaccine revenues, making the Covid jab the most lucrative medicine in any given year in history.

However, in the absence of that context, most people continued to roll up their sleeves.

This meant that people’s consent on being injected with an experimental medicine was clearly no longer informed consent, breaking another key Nuremberg principle. These are major crimes, being committed by government, medical and commercial institutions.

The regional breakdowns look like this. In the European Union, as of 5 February 2022, there had been 39,543 deaths among 1,478,143 individuals who reported adverse reactions post-vaccination for the Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson shots, according to the official EudraVigilance database, which compiles adverse reaction data.

In the UK, by 11 February, 1,996 fatalities were notched up by 441,471 individuals reporting adverse reactions post-vaccination as recorded by the official Yellow Card reporting system.

As of January 28, 2022, there were 23,149 instances of death from 1,088,558 reports following the COVID jab in the US, under the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS). Death totals reported across the three regions comes to 64,684.

Pfizer has admitted that it hired 600 extra staff just to process all of the adverse reactions being reported from its Covid-19 shot, and might need 1,800 in total. Researchers at Columbia University have argued that the real number of people killed by the Covid jabs is about 20 times the reported rate.

Whether that can be believed is relatively unimportant. Again, why were the first 50 deaths not enough to stop these vaccines? I would humbly suggest that executive reputations, company share prices, cabinet positions and, in the UK, knighthoods, were prized more highly than mere human mortality.

And that those lower down the employment chain kept their heads below the parapet, fearing for their jobs and pensions.

You could of course argue that some of these unfortunate fatalities were going to get sick and/or die regardless of what vaccines may or may not be doing. On the other hand, the adverse effects encountered by much bigger populations in Africa, Asia and Latin America have not been comprehensively logged, and so not included in the tallies.

For sure is that the mRNA vaccines have already killed more people than all other vaccines combined over the last 30 years. Healthy teenagers and athletes are among those who have died within hours or days of receiving Covid-19 shots, as most major sports have been hit with ‘inexplicable’ medical conditions. Everyone in the world must have heard the term ‘myocarditis’ by now.

Before 2021, an athlete collapsing or dying was a highly newsworthy event. In the soccer world, FIFA now reports players (and spectators) collapsing as a matter of course.

In the tennis arena, an astonishing 15 players were unable to finish the Miami Open 2022 tennis tournament, including the male and female favourites. To compete, all players had to be ‘fully vaccinated’.

By end-March, Good Sciencing said it had had recorded 833 athletes, worldwide, post-Covid injection, who have experienced cardiac arrests or other serious issues, with 540 dead. Cricketers, wrestlers, boxers, cyclists, basketball players and so on.

From an actuarial angle, a raft of emerging statistics from life insurance companies in the US, India and Germany show a 40% or higher increase in all-causes deaths in working-age people in the second half of 2021. Insurers keep a tight handle on death statistics. Another source on the ‘death frontline’, embalmers, are reporting hitherto-unseen blood clots post-vaccine rollout.

Myocarditis is only the tip of the Covid vaccine injury iceberg. If you examined the vaccine-related injuries officially recorded by early February across the EU, UK and US, the dial soared to 3 million. Rough calculations from VAERS data suggest that the new shots are at least several hundred times more likely to hurt you than flu vaccines. After analysing medical data from 10.9 million insured individuals, German health insurance company BBK Provita concluded that 400,000 doctors’ visits could be realistically attributed to jab side effects. A study by the Israeli Ministry of Health showed a 4.5% neurological injury rate, post-vaccine.

Incidentally, Pfizer wanted its clinical trial data suppressed until 2076. A mere 55 years. I wonder why.  

Might a recent court-ordered release of Pfizer trial data provide clues? A staggering 1,291 side effects were revealed within the data. To name but a few: arthritis, autoimmune disorder, blood clotting, brain embolism, cardiac arrest, cardiac failure, diabetes, facial paralysis, hepatitis, herpes, infertility, myocarditis, multiple sclerosis, organ failure, pericarditis, prenatal death and stillbirth.  

Pfizer’s knowledge of the side-effects might keep company lawyers busy. US journalist Naomi Wolf has been going through the tens of thousands of pages of documents that a federal court finally forced Pfizer to release from its submission to the Food and Drug Administration for Covid-19 mRNA vaccine approval. On 25 April, Wolf said that, according to the documents, 3.7% of the cases Pfizer looked at for ‘adverse events’ died, with a much higher rate of serious injury. According to the independent The Light newspaper, the documents show that in the trials there were at least 1,223 deaths reported in the first 28 days after injection, with deaths occurring at a higher rate in the non-placebo group.

In other words, Pfizer knew that its vaccine would kill.

Hundreds of similar facts are continually popping up through the cracks, far too many to list. But here are a few worth consideration:

*A Freedom of Information request to Blackpool Teaching Hospitals showed 2021 and 2022 heart failure referrals rising by 200% over 2018/19 data;

*Queensland’s health minister recently acknowledged 40% more ambulance calls for cardiac events and sudden deaths;

*Covid vaccination increases the risk of severe heart inflammation up to 120-fold, a major study from Scandinavia published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found;

*According to a cost-benefit analysis by Stephanie Seneff, Ph.D., and independent researcher Kathy Dopp, all age groups under 50 years old in the UK and US are at greater risk of dying after receiving a Covid jab than an unvaccinated person is at risk of dying from Covid-19;

*Britain’s Office for National Statistics has released data covering January 1 to October 31, 2021, indicating that for children aged 15–19, the risk of death increased by almost double if they took the first shot and by over three times if they took the second, compared to their unjabbed peers. Worse, 10–14-year-olds, ran the risk of dying almost by a factor of ten following the first dose while the second dose brought a 51.8 times greater risk of death than if they had remained unvaccinated;

*A study published by the Lancet in October 2021 claimed the Covid vaccines could reprogramme your immune system to respond in a dysfunctional way, leading to what it called Vaccine Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. A new form of AIDS. And all that entails. (Perhaps you might even speculate that depleted immune systems are a factor in the vaccinated individuals dying from Covid?)

These data snippets are merely the tip of an expanding iceberg. If I can find and underline these trends, why cannot (better-paid) journalists for major newspapers and broadcasters do the same? Again, I’ll leave that with you.

Anecdotally, I was told by an NHS trust employee that UK ambulance staff are struggling to deal with unprecedented levels of deaths among younger-middle-aged people. He said that an alarmingly high number of the excess non-Covid admissions at NHS hospitals are among those aged 35-50, and that a high percentage involve clotting, skin rashes, breathing difficulties,  unexplained workplace collapses and myocardial/heart issues.

It is extremely difficult for me or anybody else to guess how many people have died or experienced life-changing injuries from the Covid-19 vaccine. At a personal level, one close relative seems to have experienced immune system deterioration since the jabs. Anecdotally, I have heard of two heart attacks occurring two or three days after the recipients’ first jabs. As evidence builds, what seems clear is that the number of victims is already very high. To reiterate, the damage dwarfs anything seen with any other vaccine in history.

Interestingly, alternative media have cited leaks by Whitehall sources (based in the UK Department of Health) that a state cover-up of vaccine-related disability and death is ongoing. 

In my opinion, it has become reasonable to say that the longer these shots continue to be used, the greater the likelihood that they will eventually kill far more than the actual virus ever did.

Seeing the wrongdoing, my only choice is to write about it. And not as a disinterested outsider. I have real skin in the game. So many people that I know, and love, have taken the jib-jabs. I fret about their future health.

As for giving the shots to children, I defer to Dr Robert Malone, who helped invent mRNA technology.

“These genetic vaccines can damage your children. They may damage their brain, their heart, their immune system, and their ability to have children in the future. And many types of these damages cannot be repaired. On average, between one in two thousand and one in three thousand children that receive these vaccines will be hospitalised in the short-term with vaccine-caused damage. Only with the passage of time will we know what long-term damage occurs.”

In summary, the world’s leaders and scientists seemed to make a public health mountain out of a viral molehill in early 2020, out of panic and incompetence. Governments have spent two years hyperventilating about incidences of SARS-2 infection that turn out to be minuscule, or at worst normal, if compared to other pathogens that infect us. Unforgiveably, they compounded their mistakes by rushing out vaccines that are not only ineffective but can be lethal. And nobody will carry the can, as the injuries and death tolls mount.

Was it just a cock-up? Or something more conspiratorial? You have to wonder, given the never-ending tapestry of lies from individuals at the very top, all of whom seemed to agree profoundly with each other that 2 plus 2 equalled 5.

Who can really know?

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  1. Wow, that’s not a blog it’s a book Being one of those vulnerable to respiratory problems due to a heart condition I take responsibility for myself, l’m aware of the risks I take when not taking more care at a football match when advising the referee and assistants of their errors of judgement which cannot be undertaken whilst wearing a mask. Beginning to slip off the fence into your yard these days Kev. p. s. Never new you had cousins if I read it correctly

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    1. Hah! I know it’s a long read Ed, but I actually had to cut a lot out in the end.
      One of the things I realised while writing it was that conspiracy theorists and bloggers now undertake the good and necessary work that journalists once carried out. Because journalists do little more than rehash government and company statements these days. Once upon a time, public figures were there to be torn into and pulled apart so that some truths might emerge. Those days are gone, sadly.
      It’s good to hear that referees and linesmen are kept up to their work.
      Not sure what you mean about the cousins – but I do have lots of them!

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  2. Well done, Kev. Long articles like this are not easy to write.
    For all the Chicken Little-ing that has been wrought upon us during the last two years, the fact remains that Tha Dreaded C has claimed only 6.25 million lives, from a world population of more than 7 billion. One day we might know how many of those deaths were misattributed, such as the man who fell off the ladder.
    The fraud of the fearmongering is easy to say in the reports of covid ‘cases’. If covid was a true mass killer, they wouldn’t need to talk about cases.

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  3. Me and you know the arguments and the details back to front Greg. But I do still wonder if perhaps the most deceitful scaremongering narrative in my lifetime will nonetheless be eulogised as “the truth”.


  4. Amazing write-up Kev. I started reading this days ago and had to keep coming back to pick up where I last left off ’cause I didn’t want to miss any of it.
    Your line about “My immune system is promiscuous, craving one filthy bacterial challenge after another” made me laugh out loud. As always, I love your turn of phrase.
    You know, my god, it really all just makes you wonder. It really does. Do you remember Close Encounters of the Third Kind? When Dreyfuss was driving toward Devil’s Mountain and the government and evacuated everyone and even planted dead cattle and everyone was wearing the gas masks, and then…..Dreyfuss pulls his off and takes a deep breath…. and was fine?! Man, I think of that scene a lot.
    I know it was a movie and I hate that my mind goes there, because having any suspicions actually become reality would be a stomach-turning, soul-crushing plunge through the looking glass.
    Thanks for sharing your very detailed information. It has to at least be out there for people to weigh the facts and make up their own minds. So we’re not completely in the dark. 🙂

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    1. You’ve said some kind things there Stace. I appreciate being appreciated. All I can say is that everything I’ve written is checked and sourced. After that, it’s up to the reader.
      I love the way you have films as a perennial reference point. I’d forgotten the Dreyfuss moment.
      Hope you and hubby are keeping well. When is your second novel due….must be soon. Wasn’t it two scheduled for this year?

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  5. It’s confusing, though. Maybe it’s a little worse than the usual flu? Because we ARE approaching 1 million dead in the U.S. and the usual flu numbers per year (or two hears) would be much lower.
    All I know, for absolutely 100%, is that I am NOT one of those who had wealth transferred to me, lol

    Hey, thanks for asking about the book, Kev. I delivered it to the publisher months ago and actually gave them the option to not continue with the series if they chose, because I’m so terrible at marketing, but they reassured me that they loved the series and my writing, which was really, really great to hear, and they want to continue, but… crickets so far. The past two years were really bad for them (which is weird; you’d think reading would go way up, not diminish) so…. seems like more and more delays…. and I’m too lazy and incompetent to publish it myself, so…. we shall see. Thanks again for remembering. 🙂

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    1. It is the normal ‘flu turned into a monster by advertising, then locking down and scaring people witless (other letters can be substituted for wit that rhyme with it).

      Numbers dead in USA are not usual given the large populations size of the the country. I did a post on USA statistics if you are interested.

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  6. Absolutely amazing, perfection! ‘Fear porn, a rare image of…’ You nailed it precisely, I read it twice and will savor it again–this must be shared with the (unfortunately) small % of the world that intuits, perceives, and shakes a fist at the lunatics that orchestrated this fakedemic.Oliver Twist and I would like ‘more please…’

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    1. Thanks Jo – I wrote it because I need to look back and say: I tried to tell it truthfully.
      I’m not sure if what I’m about to tell you is ironic, coincidental, synchronous or serendipitous. I decided to publish on May 1st, on the instinct that the Gods of Beltane might lend a smile or a helping hand. Two days later, I had Covid! No more than a bad flu, but it made me grin wryly.

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  7. LOL. It’s good to see your talents at comedic writing are undimmed with time. The original graph ( uncited as far as I can see ) actually disproves the conjecture it purports to support. I tried to rationally challenge a previous post but the response was patronising in the extreme. I shouldn’t really bother but garbage like this needs to be challenged. To simultaneously argue masks are useless against the virus but restrict breathing with a single virus particle 1000 times larger than an oxygen molecule and the virus generally carried in even bigger aerosol particles takes a certain chutzpah. It’s simple- there is no great conspiracy, they’re doing what they want without it ( policing bill, privatisation of NHS austerity etc) but there is a deadly virus. Of / with, does it matter – the child with asthma, the immunodeficiency patient, the old gadgie with a dodgy ticker, they don’t need to die early. Show some care. Wear a mask, socially distance from those that show concern and isolate if you’re unwell. All in all a good but dangerous read, I look forward to Chris Witty’s essay on the Great American Novel.

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    1. Shaun: We’ve agreed to disagree on many things Covid for some time. Which is fine. But don’t expect a Twitter back and forth. There’s little mental health in that.
      You know me pretty well. I can’t imagine I’d ever patronise anyone who takes the time to comment. Probably as guilty as the next man of clumsy banter or poor humour though. Anyway, sorry that you felt that way last time around.
      Covid is exactly as I thought it would be. Debilitating for a couple of days and then a slow grind back towards wellness. Like a bad flu. All you can do is remove yourself from others. Common sense and respect for the potentially vulnerable. The same tactics I would have used in 1980, 1990, 2000 or 2010. When I’m well again I’ll mix again. No need to reinvent the wheel with WHO advice or nostrums.
      As for Witty’s hypothetical new book, his outsider’s view could be interesting. There’s another guy who has actually pushed ahead and done the same. Having spent all his life building business cartels and monopolies, some bloke without a single medical qualification to his name, Bill Gates, believes he knows ‘How to prevent the next pandemic’. Amazing. Clearly a creative spirit.

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    2. You are not being very bright Shaun.

      Vitamin D deficiency is the true pandemic due to increased living and working, but big pharma don’t make much money out of that. Do you work for them by any chance?

      Chris Whitty did, but he won’t tell everybody that.


      1. A gratuitous insult is always a good start to a debate. I don’t work for any size Pharma. I am however scientifically literate, trust those who are experts ( in whatever field) and those who publish in peer reviewed journals. Vitamin D, I’m sure many of us could with a bit more ( take care it’s easy to overdose with pretty horrible results) but I’m not sure why resistance to the notion of a dangerous pathogen being all around us and a few small adjustments to our lifestyle ( social distancing, masks in enclosed spaces, increased hygiene etc) being a proportionate response is so prevalent. Again, I repeat, no need for conspiracies – they are doing what they want and taking us down a dangerous road, if anything COVID has undermined their progress.


      2. Dear Shaun

        Thank you for your reply. When I said you were not being very bright that is not an insult, merely the truth. If you have not worked out by now that this so-called dangerous pathogen is merely the ‘flu made out to be a monster by incessant advertising then you are not being very bright, or if if wish enlightened.

        If you trust those who are so-called experts without critical thinking upon the matter in hand which is sadly evident in this case, you are still not being very bright. It is not rocket science.

        I and others are not dealing so much with a conspiracy, so much as a pandemic of stupidity to be found in those who still think (if thinking is what they are doing which I doubt) that Covid 19 is very dangerous.

        Perhaps you work for the government with an agenda to push to get people to take the pointless if not harmful or deadly vaccines. What vaccines do to your body will depend on various factors, but ultimately your immune status and how good your vitamin D levels are.

        This is well documented and if you are so silly to be afraid of high vitamin D levels and have believed the rubbish about vitamin D being serious toxic without double checking the truth in the matter, then you are still not being very bright.

        By the way, I took 195,000 mu of vitamin D supplements in summer 2021 over 17 days. I am still here with no horrible consequences. However, the NHS did give me immuno-therapy in 2020 for a cancer which turned out to be a misdiagnosis. I am now living with the consequences of a damaged pituitary gland. This is so-called experts for you.

        Kind regards.


  8. Loved it Kev, was surprised that only one person felt to the need to say that Covid exists, which is the normal stance. You know what we think, and it is everything you do. For me the whole thing has caused me to reassess people that I know, and realise that we have nothing in common, because I have to question, I just can’t be a sheeple, and as my time on earth gets shorter, I can’t fit people that do believe what their told into my life. ❤️❤️❤️

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes indeed. After all they can’t hug anybody which is very sad. They could of course if they wanted to, but they gave up common sense a while ago. I do hope they find it soon, I really do.

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  9. Dear Kev

    Many thanks indeed for your post. Great stuff. It is possible you might be interested in my research on Covid 19, here is my link to my summary. That gives access to the various other issues. I cover the statistics in the UK and USA and more recently those in Australia.


    The following explains the variants. These are merely fear techniques to fool the gullible.


    The following explains the media fear campaign.


    A useful website on the deceit.


    Please note I do use humour as necessary on posts and pages to lighten the mood and help make the points. I will use strong salty language if required. I am not PC.”

    As regards your final question ‘Was it just a cock-up? Or something more conspiratorial?’, both is the answer, planned cockup.

    This was to test the nations to see if people were listening. See who would wake up to the lunacy of it all and start thinking (many forgot to do that) ‘Mmm something seems amiss here’.

    And to see who would double check the government guidance at gov.uk and realise that is what it was, guidance, not mandatory despite the daily briefings.

    I did a humorous post on this.


    There are other reasons including exposing big pharma corruption and how the NHS etc has been taken over by it. I was going to hospital during April to October 2020 for immuno-therapy which I now know was completely unnecessary, and has probably caused additional health issues.

    I had 9 sessions in about 9 months, possibly the equivalent of 9 vaccines containing neuro-toxins and an unknown special ingredient, no doubt neuro-toxic too.. I wonder if I had not boosted my vitamin D and C what would have happened.

    The doctors and NHS have failed me as they failed many others. Much of what it and they do is quite useless, we could spend the money saved not on privatisation but on existing infrastructure and making sure this country functions correctly. And making sure our food and water are as good as possible and not poisoned by nasty chemicals as is largely the case nowadays.

    Many thanks again.

    Kind regards

    Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson
    Please excuse the nom-de-plume, this is as much for fun as a riddle for people to solve if they wish.

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  10. Quick thread on long covid & workforce & why it matters:

    Today UK report lowest unemployment for 50 years – fair to say there is a labour shortage here right now.

    But part of low unemployment is simply that we have *fewer* people to work cos of long term ill health 1/8

    Long term sickness is higher than expected (350,000 people) and the Bank of England last week particularly highlighted Long Covid.

    Women more likely to be not seeking work cos of sickness than men – consistent with Long Covid which affects women more often 2/8

    The 350,000 people reported by the Bank of England is very similar to the 346,000 people ONS estimates as living with Long Covid that affects their day-to-day activities a lot. (it won’t be a direct overlap though) 3/8

    And Long Covid does not resolve quickly for a lot of people – ONS estimates almost 800,000 have had symptoms for more than a year.

    So more and more people with Long Covid can lead a signifcant number ending up no longer being able to work. 4/8

    It’s not a problem entirely solved by highly vaccinated population or Omicron though – over 400,000 people developed Long Covid from Omicron (and that’s not including the big March wave!). 5/8

    While vaccination is protective against Long Covid (cuts risks by maybe about half, hopefully reduces duration but not enough data yet), ONS nonetheless estimate that about 6% of people developed activity-limiting long covid after 3 vax doses from 1st Omicron infection. 6/8

    The reason I’m doing *yet another thread* on this is because a new wave is on its way. And while it may not cause mass hospitalisations, it will likely cause another wave of long covid.

    Even ignoring the impact on individuals, we can’t keep stressing our workforce like this 7/8

    We should take preventative measures – clean air indoors, hybrid working where possible esp during waves, mandating high quality masks when new variants emerge / cases high, *support* people to stay home if positive.

    One practical way is the pledge! 8/8
    From Professer Christina Pagel


  11. Most of that makes sense Shaun. People have to do what they must for their health, with as much non-mandatory state support as possible. No arguments here. But the threat of Covid and its ‘length’ is minor compared to other forms of societal dysfunction. The rising cost of living and state corruption affects everyone. Energy bills are out of control, hospital waiting lists ditto. Cancer is far more dangerous than Covid. Having experienced C-19, its a nuisance, uncomfortable, nauseating. But it goes, and you get the antibodies if you let your immune system do the work it is designed for. New variants are weaker. But I’m sure the Covid ‘industry’ will be reluctant to miss out on more profit. 🤔
    Hope you, Fran plus kids are all happy and well!


  12. Dear Alpha
    I’m replying out of courtesy to acknowledge the time you spent in replying but this will be my last communication. If the concept of insult is beyond you then I see little point in debating any other concept. A shame as unlike you I enjoy my belief system being challenged and hearing other opinions I believe is healthy. So far nothing in your replies or in the blog as a whole has changed my views but it has provoked me into following up some of the lines of thought mentioned. However, it is beginning to depress me with the anti enlightenment and lack of compassion for those who have suffered or who have health conditions which make them vulnerable but who without the mitigating actions of others are confined to their home. I am not going to read this blog in the future.


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