310. Fox

I have something massively joyful to report.

I’m a grandad for the first time!

Daughter Lauren gave birth to the cunningly named Fox on 29 January, accompanied by her husband Chris and my wife Maureen. Six pounds and 13 ounces of new life. I’ve only met my beautiful granddaughter once, given my care duties, but what an unadulterated pleasure to hold a young baby again.

She’s doing well in all of the areas that you would hope. Feeding, sleeping, yelling and excreting like a trooper.

Lauren and Chris have decided to keep any images of the lovely Fox away from the Internet. I respect their choice. In the absence of a picture, I’ll reproduce my blog about Lauren’s birth, just over 35 years ago.

It’s worth relating an intriguing footnote. After being told of Fox’s birth, I spent happy hours at home humming a song from the late 1970s, by the US band Television. The song title…….. ‘Foxhole’.

Later in the day, my friend Jono told me that the band’s creative force, Tom Verlaine, had just died.

Synchronicity! Or just coincidence. The universe works in mysterious ways. The foxes at the end of our garden have been howling with an unusual vigour in the last couple of weeks.

10 thoughts on “310. Fox

  1. Some things are just ment to be.
    Very recently I had been wondering about you and your Dad, thinking the worst I had been wondering after such a long silence how to approach the subject when up pops this wonderful news. Congratulations to proud parents and Grand parents.

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  2. Congrats, Kev! Oh boy, how exciting.
    I went through your earlier blog on Lauren’s birth and growing up. So beautiful, all of it.
    And, yeah, THOSE days are gone–the days of people being able to linger in the hospital, relishing their newborns! A week?! I think they kick mothers out of hospitals the next day here now! MAYBE the day after, lol.
    At any rate, I know your hands are full and exhaustion is your constant friend these days…but congrats again on daughter Lauren continuing the lineage and all the possibilities that will come from little Fox gracing the world….
    🙂 🙂 🙂

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  3. Thanks Stace. I wish I could have been more involved but my hands have been tied. And yes you’re right about the shortened maternity stay. Lauren was home in less than a day after the birth. I’m told Fox has already acquired the nickname of The Goblin, due to her voracious feeding and sporadic yelling! Happy days ahead!

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