59. Sharing

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The website has been hired for a year. 365 blogs is the target. Recording how things were, and are, to the very best of my recollection. Everything covered. Then stop, fully known to myself, close family and anyone else who looks in. Just that.

Certain topics remain scary, but the intention remains to write through them, past the fear and shame and out the other side.

I had a strong notion that sharing would be cathartic. It is immensely satisfying, and the absorption has delivered the SAD-defiance bonus I hoped for.

Certain things are best unsaid. One guideline is that memories of physical intimacy stay in the locker. No kissing and telling. And every attempt not to criticise others. What do I know of their lives?

Three father-figure types from my past appeared in last night’s dreams. All ready to impose their agendas. They had to be resisted. A draining, tough task, but do-able.

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