69. Pre-, pre-Majorca.

Two earlier school holidays also came to mind. Even fewer bullet points.

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1971: Trip to Leningrad and Moscow in Russia.

*Leningrad Hermitage. The outside looked stunning beyond compare.

*Our Russian teacher Pete Walkley grilled our tour guide about a Christian church.

*Looking out of the train to Moscow, seeing peasants in the fields.

*An older lad called Will Deboux became hugely drunk, and insulted the teachers.

*Seeing the Kremlin/Red Square/Lenin’s mausoleum.

*Leaving the Bolshoi Ballet during the intermission, bored.

*Talking with a drunken homeless man on a bridge over the River Moskva. A free, cynical man.

*Walking through the Gum department store in Moscow. One of us dropped litter, and a soldier trained his rifle upon us.


1973: Cruise on Germany’s River Rhine.

*Rooming with Paul Seligson, of course.

*Beautiful views from the famous Lorelei rock.

*Exploring Hamburg’s Reeperbahn red light district, wide-eyed.

* Meeting a group of East London schoolgirls.

*Drinking a litre of lager in Cologne.

* Stealing a tape from a German shop: The Best of Cream.





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