70. Just before Majorca.


At some stage during the last term at High Hall, Keith from Liverpool and Simon from Wigan entered my life. Biology students who knew John Noble.

One early summer evening they parked their motorbikes outside and came up to 1016, stating that they had a ‘sketch’ in mind. They undressed, and returned to the lift with just their motorbike helmets. Jon and I looked down from the window to the car park, watching them don their helmets and mount their bikes. Passers-by were smiling or frowning or looking shocked.

And off they went, cruising around the Vale Site, which contained three halls of residence. Evening breeze wafting through their chest hair and pubes.

I thought this was daring and marvellous. Tears of joy and laughter rolling down my cheeks. They returned in 5 minutes to cheers from the 1016 window. Back up in the lift they came, and reclothed in our room, with Keith happily proclaiming himself the possessor of the larger dick.

In the next couple of years, as my Enlightenment proceeded, “getting your gear off” became quite a theme for our group.


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