139. Chocolate hash brownies



I felt mentally and physically depleted last night, unable to stop yawning as I drove Josie home from a family dinner. On the road back, the notion of stopping all work activity for a few days had the upper hand. A beautiful impossibility. In your dreams boy.

I lack the stamina of yore. Some of the loud conversations around the dinner table were sonic attacks on my ageing ears. Then Chris and Lauren struggled to connect our Netflix while Maureen and I sat like dinosaur-like, unable to comprehend many of the technicalities. Luddites, surrounded by nimble young minds.

One legacy of the visit was tupperware containing a stash of chocolate hash brownies. Back home, Maureen and I made a cup of tea and got the brownies out. We have tried them before, but the chef had informed me that these were high in CBD, with all of its proven medical benefits, and very low on the intoxicating THC element.

Good taste, plenty of rich chocolate to camouflage the marijuana flavour.

I sat and watched TV mindlessly. Feeling whacked, old and fragile. No desire to converse. But within about ten minutes some of that had faded. Everything felt easier, kinder, better. The edge removed from the exhaustion.

We had been warned that sleep would be deep. I’m normally a ‘two piss a night’ man, but it was just the one. Awoke about 7 a.m. after an otherwise solid eight hours, with that joyful feeling of a profound sleep that is more elusive as the years slip by. Maureen also reported a better than usual kip.

As you see, there are provisions for another two nights. Neither of us enjoy smoking weed, so I reckon we’ll be looking at how to make them ourselves.




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