159. Concresence, again


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One of the unexpected pleasures in this blogging lark has been that other bloggers have started to ‘follow’ the posts. I generally try and return the compliment.

The original idea was to write myself through the wintertime blues and leave a record of my life for the kids. And perhaps to fill in some of the gaps that friends were not aware of. Above all to be truthful, which hasn’t always come easy.

I don’t write with any audience in mind. Just to please myself. But it has made life more interesting to begin reading the blogs of others, to see how they do it, and to become familiar with their styles and subject matter.

All of the people below have provided enjoyment, entertainment or education. One guy mentioned previously (Blog 110) is astijake John (https://astijake.wordpress.com/), who writes mainly funny and sad personal stories – and tells them very skilfully.

Similarly, the blogs from Mark Bickerton (https://markbickerton.com/blog) are either page-turning excerpts from his novel about life on the road or other witty and poignant insights into the reckoning with self that any of us avoid at our peril.

jason Scott Brendel’s blog (https://jasonscottbrendel.wordpress.com/) is also worth checking out. Irony and absurd humour that is right up my street.

‘Football Explainers’ does what it says on the tin, with regard to a wide span of soccer stories and issues, mainly concerning English soccer (https://footballexplainers.wordpress.com/).

William, who writes ‘a1000mistakes’ (https://a1000mistakes.wordpress.com/) is much appreciated because he writes about music, often reminding me of artists that I haven’t played in a while or opening a window onto Aussie bands I know nothing about. His art blogs are great because I know of so few of the painters he covers.

Another excellent reviewer – films this time – is The Arcane Nibbler (https://arcanenibbler.com/). His ‘Reviews and Assorted Crap for Your Engagement and Enragement’ are exceptionally well considered and laid out.

One unexpected source of help has been ‘2JustAnotherPost – Beauty, Health and Fitness’, whose blog (https://2justanotherpost.wordpress.com/) gives simple exercises for tired, under-exercised bodies.

Finally, ‘Kirilson’ is a real surprise package (https://kirilson.com/)Visits to some beautiful Italian and Bulgarian cities have provided readers with great photographs.

There are also many other blogs I have enjoyed, maybe to be mentioned another time.

6 thoughts on “159. Concresence, again

  1. :0 I’m surprised to see my blog mentioned ❤ ❤
    Thank you for sharing your true thoughts of what you expected from blogging and other blogs that you found were exceedingly great, humorous, inspiring and interesting… I'll be checking out a few that you have mentioned. ❤

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  2. Thank you so much for this. I started my blog to get back into writing on a regular basis and hopefully grow as a writer. I put a lot of effort into creating a coherent narrative for my reviews instead of just making a list of what I do and don’t like about a movie or TV show which isn’t always easy. My confidence level rises and falls on a daily basis so it’s encouraging to have a pro say such nice things about my blog. Thank you again. I really appreciate this.


  3. I’m going to have a look at these blogs you’ve mentioned my friend and thank you for mentioning me, I genuinely appreciate a man of your writing talents talking about my blog in such a lovely way. Hope to meet you in the Peak or somewhere else one day 👍😊

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