189. Bluebell wood


Any Essex dweller with a spare half-day at this time of year could do far worse than visiting Blake’s Wood, an eye-catching National Trust reserve in Danbury, mid-Essex. In late April and early May, the managed woodland is covered by a stunningly magnificent carpet of bluebells. Once seen, rarely forgotten.

Maureen and I used to take the kids there. I can still remember pushing Rory in his pushchair up and down the trails. We went back on May 1st, for an afternoon out in a spot which is beautifully quiet. The photos depict its magic far better than any words.

The one on the left below makes me think of certain David Hockney pictures.





I saved the best until last


3 thoughts on “189. Bluebell wood

  1. Great photos! My husband and I used to hike a lot, and those calming nature scenes really are food for the soul, aren’t they?

    I also love being in people’s blogs around the world and learning their different words for things: you said you were using a pushchair, which is obviously a stroller where I’m from (U.S.).

    Someone in Australia was talking about a whipper-snipper, which I found out was the equivalent of a weed whacker. It’s hilarious and been very enlightening. I’m happy to add you to my list of growing insights and points of view! 🙂


    1. Welcome aboard! I was taken with your love of Ray Bradbury. My North American writing Gods are, in no particular order: Henry Miller, Margaret Atwood and Scott Fitzgerald. For sci-fi, the lengthy, multi-galactic tales of fellow-Brit Iain M Banks and Philip K Dick’s LSD-fuelled yarns do it for me. Hope I have a few points of view that are of interest!


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