268. My potato box


I was deeply chuffed to receive a potato box for my 63rd birthday last week. The designer and creator, Chris, is my son-in-law. He cut and treated the wood and screwed it together, then lugged the pieces round to our place.



We slotted them together.



I grow spuds every year, in the ground. Because they give such prolific yields, I have also put them in plastic tubs nearer the house. Now we’ve got a smart wooden box. Β It should provide a large quantity of potatoes in a small space. It’s food for nothing. After filling the foot of the box, I put in some old wrinkled spuds that had gone to seed in our shed over the winter. You can even use old potato peelings as the seeds.



As the new shoots come out through the soil, you cover them with more compost. And then a few more times, until the box is full of soil.



After that, free food later in the year. I love the simplicity of the process. (Might have to put a net over the top, to stop the cats using it as a toilet.)

20 thoughts on “268. My potato box

  1. Might be a secure food supply later in the year John. I don’t have the faintest idea how life in Britain will work out over the next few months. We could be down to our last 800 toilet rolls by May! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


  2. I was able to like this several days ago at work but unable to comment because they changed our computers so wordpress needed my login information anew and, of course, I have no idea what my password is just offhand.

    It’s been a completely insane couple of weeks! Complete upheaval at work with systems changing and procedures changing, then, of course this–the coronavirus panic!

    Yesterday was a humorous paradoxical shopping situation. Smart and Final had shoppers lined up outside waiting to get in. Why? No idea. Because if it’s to keep “social distancing” alive and well, well….what about the people who weren’t standing 6 feet apart, crammed together waiting in line, to get in the freaking store?!

    I kept driving and saw that down the street, no one was standing outside of Jon’s, a popular Armenian store. Inside everybody was shopping away, the lines weren’t even that long, and there was actually stuff left to purchase!

    Long story short, when I was buying potatoes, I thought of you and your potato box and thought, “What a great gift. What a great idea!” I’ll be jealous of you and your potatoes later this year when there are NO potatoes left anywhere as the lost art of growing and farming looms heavy in our minds as a mere intellectual construct that will then lead to certain doom, lol.

    So…happy belated b-day! I hope the taters turn out good and beyond that all is well with you and yours, Kev!

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  3. Thanks Stacey. Really enjoyed my birthday but have been feeling slightly mad since, unable to comprehend the virus panic setting in. The extra work of the last month or so has kept me away from the blog, mostly.
    How’s the Buddhist chant working out? I found a two hour Tina Turner ‘Lotus Sutra/Purity of Mind’ YouTube vid that I let loop around yesterday morning while I worked. Letting Tina do the hard work appealed.
    (As did a great Netflix film on Nina Simone last night. A fascinating, tortured woman, with a honeyed voice that seemed to come from beyond the planet. Also watched ‘The Lighthouse’ recently – WTF??!!).

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  4. I know, I know, it’s utter craziness and scary. I almost had a nervous breakdown getting set up to work at home, trying to understand the meaning of the various acronyms and code words and documents and PDFs we needed to get everything going!

    But extra work sounds good. Get the good $$ and keep your mind off the bonzo-nuttiness.

    I have been doing the Buddhist chant every day since I said I was going to start. While sitting and, until Friday (when I started working from home) while driving to and from work.

    I noticed at first as I was driving I’d be saying the chant, someone would do something stupid, I’d seamlessly stop the chant to instead say, “You stupid f***ing motherf***er” and then start the chant again without missing a beat. I figured that was defeating the purpose but couldn’t stop myself. But as the week went on, I would be doing the chant, something dumb would happen, and I’d actually either respond very little or not at all and remain calm. So that’s what’s happened so far. Good for blood pressure I guess. In the long run, we’ll see if the things I’m picturing in my mind come to some kind of fruition in one way or another.

    But I really like the fact that you asked (or someone asked) how it works (or something like that) and the person responded (sic) “It just does.”
    It Just Does seems so confident, reassuring, promising, and even final. So I choose to believe that. It Just Works. It Just Does.
    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    Try to stay sane, Kev!

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  5. Oh, and the Lighthouse!
    Thank you!!!!
    I see someone dosed YOUR tea with some salvia divinorum, too, while you weren’t looking !!!

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  6. PS: Just to clarify, not picturing “things” that I want. Doing what you were doing: picturing the two closest people to me as very, very, very happy……
    Happy Monday!
    I’m off to work in the bedroom in another few hours, lol……….


  7. That’s nice. I picture people wrapped in happiness and light. There is evidence that if enough people meditate then a society will improve (less crime etc). There are 21 people officially in the group now, and it felt that way this morning. Very powerful. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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  8. That makes sense. We’re all connected, after all, and it is mind over matter. We’ve just been trained and brainwashed to forget that part of ourselves. To just believe it’s magic.

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    1. We’re going to need some major spiritiual connection in the months ahead. My fingers are itching to blog, but there are work tasks needing to be finished. Keep going, he tells himself πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


  9. Love that potato box idea Kevin! Don’t even need a patch of ground, just the soil to add and garden fresh is just so good. I do miss my garden after moving to an apartment. Have fun with that, hope you get a great crop!πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜Ί


    1. Thanks Steve. I’m busy weeding the allotment area at the end of the garden now. Looking to take more care than ever this year of the crops, and to grow as much as possible. Yes, it must be frustrating sometimes in an apartment. Do you grow things in pots, hanging or on the veranda?

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      1. I have grown things in pots before, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, lettuce, but it’s not allowed on the deck at this apartment. I’m going to ask again however, maybe with this virus going they will make an exception.

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